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Chris returns! …eventually.

I’ve been so excited all day. From packing my car with the things I’d collected yesterday, to waiting patiently to leave work (longest day ever) to all of the events this evening, I am dying to see the love of my life again. His flight was delayed (at least it wasn’t canceled), so he’ll be home…just no telling when.

But the day was very interesting, despite my impatience through it:

As soon as I left work I got a call from Rachel telling me that a friend of their’s father passed away yesterday. Hopefully I won’t have to relay the sad news as I know Chris turned his phone on. So I just hope he got the message Rachel left him.

I unpacked when I got to the apartment, and wandered over to the supermarket to grab some foodstuffs. Everyone was so friendly! I compiled carts with a fellow shopper, the cashier told me to “fuck it” regarding some raviolis. Turns out the bag I brought to checkout was opened, so when I went to grab a second one, I grabbed mini ravioli instead of the large ones. Confusion at the counter? Nah, fuck it!

I logged onto someone’s network when I got back (after putting things away, of course), had a bowl of cereal, and almost immediately fell asleep. I woke up when the neighbors starting thumping around though, and decided to bike ride instead of nap. I went the only place I knew how to get to/wanted to go: Joana’s. I called her as I was just about to her apartment, but she didn’t answer. As I was texting her instead to find out where she was, I all but passed her standing at the bus stop. She was on her way to meet Chao for dinner, and we decided to walk back together. So we picked up bottle caps and caught up on the past week and then I met her other bff, Chao. He lives, literally, five minutes from here. Two via bicycle.

While we walked, she kept her bag on my other handlebar (my helmet occupied the first), and despite the fact that I checked to see that it was okay often, it wasn’t. I got a picture text as I walked in the door to the apartment. ‘Twas a little ripped. She seemed to handle it well, but I know I would’ve been a tad aggravated about that.

I also had a missed call, and it turns out it was my teacher, Sue. Before calling her back I figured I’d check my email, and class is canceled tomorrow because Sue doesn’t feel well. I called her back and left a message, but she never returned it. We’ll all find out what happened come Monday. Long class that day, though. Yech.

So I neglected reading for class, but instead watched a few episodes of Scrubs and did some RA work. When I was just about finished with that, I saw it. It scurried towards the middle of the room, but receded back near the radiator. I figured it retreated for good. I was wrong. Next I looked up it was headed under the couch. I began my freak-out then. I was fairly certain a very daring cockroach was defying the light and challenging me to a showdown. I went for flip-flops, but I accidentally kicked into my sneakers and it came crawling out of one of them. And that’s when I called my mother. Calming me down, she had me trap it under a pot, but not before I watched it crawl through the foyer into the kitchen, down the cabinets and back into the foyer. ::shiver:: Now, it does laps in the dark under a pot until Chris gets here and…and… does something. I’m just happy I don’t have to play chicken with a GINORMOUS insect anymore tonight. Good god, I was ready to get in the car and head back to Long Island. My mom says if it’s a cockroach, all of the apartments should be fumigated because there’s likely an infestation. I say bring the cat over and let her work her magic. Though even I’m not sure she’d be willing to take on something a decent portion of her size.

So now it’s 11:35pm, and Chris hopes to be home around midnight. I’ve candles lit, wine chilling, and pizza getting cold from a few hours ago. I haven’t touched either the wine or the pizza as I’m waiting for him. I sure hope he’s willing to humor me. I’m hungry, and I could sure use a glass of that wine after my time with Willie the Cockroach!


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I have GOT to stop napping.

No, really, I do. I only managed five hours of sleep last night, so today I couldn’t function without a) wanting to murder someone; or b) well, without getting some more shut-eye (or more accurately, slow-wave-sleep). So, naturally, when I got home, at 6:00pm, I went straight to sleep. Now I’m up, and it’s 1:00am, and I’m going to have to force myself to sleep as soon as I’m done with this.

ANYWAY, more importantly, I guess I never explained how the Lappy got its life back. I found my order form for the comp and the warranty and it is good until 2010. But the ‘limited’ part scared me, so I called to see what the deal was. I got transferred around until some very commonly monotone (but polite!) man script-read me that I needed to be in front of the computer because there is sometimes a hardware complication that can be checked by discussing it, apparently. I explained, using all of the patience I could muster after spending the day on the phone with ridiculously retarded insurance company representatives, that my problem was not, in fact, hardware. I told him, for the second time, that not only did I verify that it was the AC adapter that was malfunctioning by using someone else’s, but it would be impossible for me to turn the computer on while on the phone with him because it couldn’t charge. After Mr. Genius checked with his supervisor, they “made an exception” for me. The supervisor even needed to get on the phone with me after Mr. G. Why, I’m not sure. He did nothing other than verify everything I had already gone though…twice, at that point. However, anticipating a 2-3 day waiting period, I received the new adapter next day, and therefore rated Dell’s Customer Service highly upon receipt of yet another customer service survey. (I also did one at Jasmine, a restaurant at school, today. Pushy survey people.)

So that’s Lappy’s story. I was so thrilled to have ‘er back, I had to spend three hours belfing last night, hence the cranky sleep deprivation. It was a bad plan. I had a test today I wound up getting a 24.5/30 on (good for some; crappy for me). And I certainly could have used that time to study properly, but I didn’t, so it’s entirely my fault. I’m not overly saddened by the grade, I just know I could have done better had I applied myself. But I used there being “a lot going on” as an excuse in my head, so: bad! bad linda! I will start making an effort to do some extra credit as soon as things settle down in Queens (so, like, in a day or two). And I will certainly put in the study-time for the remaining two exams. Lowest gets dropped, remember.

I was bummed that I had to hang around school for an RA meeting, and I was supposed to find ACE and go for a bike ride, but Ryan wanted to get away (bad night + even less sleep than me = two cranky tired people, just lookin’ for a fix), and I suddenly had a sushi craving, so we took a quick ride up to Hoshi Sushi & Ralph’s Ices. Turns out Hoshi Sushi closes at 3pm, to reopen at 5pm. We got there? 2:55pm. ::headdesk:: So we waiting forever on line for Ryan to get an icy thing, then tried to get semi-okay-but-still-kinda-crappy sushi at the Wang Center on campus. They had it at the beginning of the summer, but lo and behold, not so much for the remainder of it. The sign said, basically, “no sushi for summer.” I’m sure it was worded more accurately. I’m being facetious.

Ironically enough, on our way back from the closed restaurant to campus, we heard this on XM:

I’ll never think of “Fwee Wii-ry” the same again. (Scroll to around 3:15 if you don’t want to listen to the entire Japanese food portion.)

So the remainder of my day was much less eventful. Did yet more “to-do” things after my nap: downloaded a shit-ton of new (old) podcasts, packed a LOT of apartment stuff to bring tomorrow, as I won’t be back home ’till Friday, and then read for almost two hours for Wednesday’s class. And the surprising part: that was only about half of the reading.

Chris’s flight got delayed (and by delayed I mean canceled and re-scheduled), though, so now I will have a good seven hours in Queens without him, and my plan is basically to read what I didn’t get done tonight, do some RA data entry work, and bike ride in the city for the first time ever. No sidewalks! I have to remember that rule (law?). I learned it at Tom’s house the other night, and I was entirely unaware of it.

And now, before I try to count myself to sleep, I will take the unnecessarily long time to post a picture or two for each day that I’ve missed photos for. I’m actually pretty sure there’s one day I didn’t even take a picture, but I’ll try to work around that, or, failing that, just not put one in. Oh yeah, and Sean? Is there a way to get the picture to immediately post somewhere else in the blog? Or maybe an easier way to maneuver it around? I can’t fathom that the pick-up and drag, pick-up and drag, pick-up and drag method is the easiest way to add photos. Any advice?

Here’s emocat. I was originally going for “laptop as pillow,” but she saw me take the camera out, and preferred to do the emo “lookaway” ’cause she’s fucking emocat.

Thank you and good night! (Yeah, I’m a rock star.)


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Oh Em Jee, I am the worst daily blogger EVAR.

First off, I just used the non-existent word “belf” as a verb. Belf: v. the action of playing blood elf characters on World of Warcraft. … then again, if belfs exist outside of WoW, then this would also apply to them, so I suppose the specific game title needn’t be included. Ah, well. So be it.

Secondly, since I am the fucking queen of not-blogging, I will offer a half-assed explanation as to why. With Chris gone, I vowed to “occupy my mind” by having plans just about the entire time he’s away. As I have followed through every day save for Wednesday, and every day since I’ve either a) not had access to the interwebs (stayed in Forest Hills last night) or b) got home just tipsy enough and just late enough to get no farther than checking gmail before passing out — computer-open, light-on, entirely unprepared for bed. Like I said, I know that’s a lame excuse, but it’s an excuse nonetheless, ain’t it?

Okay, so let’s do the usual recapping thing.

Wednesday (7/23): Work. School. Nap. Movie. Internets. Bed. Alex & I were supposed to grab some drinks at Doc’s, but she had a crappy day and wanted to postpone. We rescheduled for Friday. I was exhausted from getting home late from Florida, then getting home late from the Yankee game the next day, so the night off was welcomed. I watched The Nines, and really liked it. I probably played some Scrabulous and/or read a little as well. Lazy eve. (Sadly, no picture that day.)

Thursday (7/24): Ahh, a day off. “To-do” list-wise, I cleaned up my clothes, went to the bank, and wrote my paper for school, which took a little longer than expected. I then picked up a six-pack of Yuengling and headed to Tom’s for some quality Wii-time. This picture is of his enormous cat, Misty. We Mario Karted and Wii Sportsed (my newfound verbs are so fun!), then Rock Banded. A lot. I was there four or five hours, easily. His step-brother Justin came to rock out with us, so I played drums while Tom sang, which was hilarious, by the way. His step-dad bought us all pasta for dinner, so I stuck around a bit for some yummy penne a la vodka. However, that made me late for the guest bartending event Brian Bivona posted on Facebook. I told James I would meet him there. It was a) a night out, and b) a chance to hang out with James so I wouldn’t have to hear about how bad of a friend I was for not hanging out more often. ::eye twitch:: What is that boy going to do when the semester starts? Anyway, he thought I had lied and said I was working late which is why I couldn’t go until 9:00 at night. I think he was just mad that I was a half an hour late, because I’m not dumb enough to lie about working on a day I have off every week in the summer. Really, if I were going to lie it would at least be an almost feasible one.

So the bar thing was awkward. I had a few (more) beers, and thankfully Matt & Banach & some guy I didn’t know showed up. But they went off to smoke cigarettes entirely too often for it not to remain awkward. It’s clearly evident there can be little to no drinking when James is present. I’m just not comfortable with it, and I don’t really know how many times I have to tell him I like and respect my relationship and I am not interested in one with him as well. Or in lieu of. Or whatever he thinks he can get. Honestly, I don’t know what this guy thinks, but it’s neurotic however it works.

Needless to say, I went home awkward-free because I refused to let his “OMGISTHISADATE?DOIKISSHER?” interfere with my happy life. So I gave a hug, discussed a BBQ he might stop by next week, said good bye, and drove off. I passed out (computer-open, lights-on) shortly after getting home.

Friday (7/25): Work, as per the usual. But with all the time I’d taken off, I was there a little later than I wanted to be, finishing up. I got home sometime after 4pm and did more “to do” list stuffs: painted my nails/toenails, packed a bag to bring to Chris’s new apartment. I likely squeezed a nap in. I met Alex at 8 at Doc Lee Lau’s and we had LITs and Volcanoes and Blue Hawaiians before calling it a night, drink wise. I also got some dinner there, and might I say it was the best chicken w. cashew nuts I’ve had since…well, Tang’s.

We definitely met some fun people. Walter, Liz and John. Walter is a 68-year old, turquoise-suit-wearing, new dancer. We talked about life goals, and school and marriage and weddings and his dance lessons and the buffet at the Carriage House that Alex and I have vowed to attend. Liz and John came a bit later, and they may have been drunk, but they were personable and fun. Fica showed up as well (didn’t know him before that night), and he was also a very nice, social guy. He had to run off to pick up food from elsewhere for his woman, though, so he was only around a short while. This, by the way, is the awesome “Doc.”

After Doc’s we went for ice cream and barely scraped by getting into Marble Slab by roughly four minutes. They let us in, though, and even allowed me to use their very clean bathroom. Marble Slab > Baskin Robbins. OMG SO MUCH. We sat on the curb and talked some more, but it quickly turned to midnight so we parted ways.

Saturday (7/26): Moving Day! I got a gchat message from Rachel early in the morning, so I decided to get a jump on the day ’round 8:30. I was on the road to Forest Hills by 9. I took some pictures of the empty apartment, and then Tim & Rachel showed up and we cleaned and unloaded the car. The movers arrived shortly thereafter and they took about an hour to do their thing. We set some stuff up, like furniture in the living room and such. Tim unpacked his room, but I imagine it was due to the sheer easiness with the very few things he actually moved. Rachel cleaned her heart out, which I am quite grateful for. Not that I would have gone as far as she, but I didn’t really have to clean much at all.

Living Room, before and after:

We all went out for lunch and had Latino at a place called Cabana. A beer and some lunch was exactly what was needed, although it made me kinda sleepy after the fact. Tim and Rachel left shortly thereafter and I showered and put some sheets on Chris’s bed. Then I sat down to write Chris a note, which turned into a full-fledged letter. But all the same, it’s good stuff. I met up with Mike and we went food shopping and then had some dinner at his apartment. Chris called while I was there, and I gave him the run-down that he was moved but would have a little unpacking work cut out for him, and talked a little more about my time in Florida and how things were going. He then went on about his trip and how amazing and awesome it was and just how alive he felt, and I’m really glad he got so much out of it. They’re out of the wilderness, so I’ll likely be hearing from him again tonight and potentially tomorrow as well. After that though, I’ll see him on Tuesday. I decided it would just be easier to go there Tuesday night & Wednesday night (staying until Friday morning, as I have no work on Thursday and I would like to see Vinny during the day that day), rather than have him go to-and-from my house. It’ll be cute, like playing house (apartment?) for a week. I haven’t mentioned it to him yet, because it’s far enough away that I don’t have to, but I’d like for him to come out by me on Friday though, so we can go to Owen’s birthday “cookout” Friday night. Then he goes up to Ossining Saturday morning for a 2-day D&D thing. I’m going to stay here, which is so very weird. Aside from while he’s been away, we haven’t not spent a weekend together since…that time it snowed so bad he just couldn’t get down here. But I’ve Alex’s BBQ on Saturday, and the movies with Amy on Sunday, and I’ll be back in Forest Hills either Monday or Tuesday, so whatever. This might actually resemble a standard relationship at some point. I…I’m floored. 😉

Anyway, Mike & I headed to Sissy McGinty’s for Ian’s birthday, which was fun. I do miss seeing very many of those people, and hope I get the chance to more often when I start “living” in Queens. I’d like to see Christine most of all, though. What’s amazing is that I know she feels exactly the same way about me. And I won’t publicly explain why, because I just don’t need to.

I stayed until around 3, and was quite fortunate in getting a train immediately after descending to the platform. I was “home” and asleep by 4.

Sunday (7/27): I got up somewhere after 10 and did a couple of things around the apartment before heading out. I had to bail on the matinee with Amy though because I was still in Queens when she called and wasn’t going to be able to get home in time to go that early. We scheduled for later in the day, but she called shortly before leaving to cancel because her 13-year old dog was terrified of the thunderstorms and no one else was home to take care of her. So we rescheduled for next Sunday and I took a nap. We lost power for a few hours, but it didn’t bother me much because I was obviously asleep for most of it. I tried to capture rain on film, because it was just torrential, but that’s just one’a those things cameras suck at.

When I woke up I studied a bit for my test tomorrow, which is a little tough. It’s “only” sleep class, but the hardest material is this stuff–the bio stuff. What affects what kind of sleep and what organs are responsible for them…yikes! I’ll study again at work and then just before the test, so I’ll do okay, but I might not get the 100% Sue is expecting from me.

I also tried to make some kind of tuna casserole thing today, but I cheated and failed somewhat. It wound up being tuna, string beans, mushrooms and parmesan cheese mixed into pasta. It’s a little on the dry side. It’s edible though, and that’s all that counts…for now…until I try to make something for other people.

And for now, I’m going to go “belf” with Mike for a little while. I was hoping while I wrote this Chris would call, but he’s obviously busy and I don’t blame him for being caught up in Colorado stuffs. I’m definitely going to start adding pictures to these blogs, because I have so many, but not tonight. Probably tomorrow. I put it on my “to do” list. :o)


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Back Home (a/k/a Day 3 of no contact)

I haven’t spoken to Chris since Saturday night (hence “Day 3 of no contact”) and I’m holding up nicely, I feel. I’ve been crazy busy though, with no real time to stop & think.

Today was a shit-ton of work, followed by a race home and mad dash to the LIRR, which too two hours to get from Lindenhust to Penn Station. TWO. HOURS. Jo & I made it to the Yankee game just shy of 8, but with enough time to see the Twins get ahead and the Yanks crush them, have beers, a hot dog, some cracker jacks and a good time. Don’t even get me started on the DILF. Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Oh, and here’s Jeter’s ass:

I made the train home by about…45 seconds, and had a interesting conversation with a family on the A train. Part of me will like being in the city again, and thankfully that’ll be the part that bops around the city. The Long Island in me gets to continue to commute (not so sure I trust the LIRR as much though, these days).

So I’ve been home about an hour and all I’ve done is read a few emails and fight with my AC adapter and look for my warranty info (which is non-existent; I only have a packing slip that says “3 year limited warranty” — I hate the word ‘limited’). The good news is that the paper I thought I would have to be writing right now…is due on Friday. I love having a teacher that’s not-so-punctual. It’s really helped me out thus far. I will no longer abuse it, soon as I catch up between tomorrow & Thursday.

And now, it is almost 2 and I need to be up at 8, so this is good night for now.

(But I do miss Chris a lot.)

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Florida Day 3 recap

My new(er) Dell’s AC adapter bit the big one, so I can’t use that computer at all until I get a new one. Hopefully, it’ll be covered under the 3-year warranty I had purchased with the machine. Until then, pictureless, short blogs, which can be expanded and photoized (a new word I just made up) later.

My last day in FL was awesome. We went to the beach and saw a dolphin and laid out and swam and I filled my 22 oz. Blue Moon bottle with Florida sand. Then we had lunch at an awesome little place that had the best burger. I am always on the hunt for a good blackened/cajun burger, and this place had it. Topped with provolone and bacon — ohmigod I’d go back just for that. I had more Blue Moon, ’cause I can’t seem to get enough of that stuff, and then went back to Meagan’s to pack.

I’m shocked at my ears on the flight home. They didn’t hurt…at all. Bizarro. The view of the sunset was absolutely spectacular. I wrote some on the plane, but literally hand-wrote, so I may or may not transcribe to here later.

Joana and I went out for dessert and coffee after I got back, and I was out in Queens until just after midnight. I got home ’round one, unpacked, and went straight to sleep.

(More info & pictures to come when I get the new lappy chargeable.)

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Florida Day 2

Meagan had to work today, so the initial plan was that I would be left the car and she would go in with Blanton. When I awoke, though, that was not how it had panned out. There was a note for me to call when I got up so I could be picked up. That’s not really what I had been looking to do, so I just didn’t call. I decided to read some of my homework on the porch instead. But about an hour later I got a text from Meg telling me to call whenever I wanted. I explained back, in text as well, that I was really just looking to cruise around until I found something worth going to, but without the car I would just wait until she got back. Oddly enough, I meant every word, and I wasn’t the usual Linda-upset that things didn’t go specifically as according to plan. It may have been some sort of itty bitty step for me, but I was proud. I opted to hang out on the porch with Apryl for a bit (see picture upon posting), but then went inside when it seemed like she wanted to.

There I read a little more and fell asleep a few pages in. I had a dream that Raab had hacked into my computer but I later found out that it was just Sean, and I had given him the passwords (silly me, huh?). I went back to reading, but failed again as a second nap prevailed. I finally forced myself up somewhere near 2 and did work for Sue. I entered a decent amount of surveys before realizing I’d need to write my blog from last night soon if I also wanted to shower and be ready by 5, which I managed. I tried to chat with ‘Stine and Mike in the interim, but I’m fairly certain ‘Stine didn’t want to hear my schpiel on love surveys and Mike couldn’t chat via text. I managed to neglect Ryan too because I was trying to accomplish so many other things at the same time.

Anyway, Meg got home at 5 and I drank a beer and we hung out for a short while before heading to downtown St. Augustine. It was quite the adorable little town when we got there, though. I took a few pictures and we went to a few shops. I bought two tank tops that were too small (but will stretch if I remove the seam) and two long skirts and a pair of earrings and a cheap ring (that needs some nail polish on it to be wearable). Then we had an awesome dinner at A1A Ale Works. I had two mojitos, a cup of the curry chicken & vegetable soup, we split some wings, and a Cobb Salad and a glass of Pinot Gris (as per Joe it is not called Pinot Grigio unless it is from Italy). Meg had two Bacardi & diet cokes, some wings and a southwest chicken salad and a glass of the same. We talked…about any and everything. The past, love, boys, school, work, life, friends, etc. It was a very good time. We stopped at a convenience store on the way home because Meg wanted smokes, but I stumbled upon a 22oz. of Blue Moon, which made me feel classy-trashy as I drank it out of a bag in Meg’s car. It began as a joke: “want a big beer for the car?” “haha, no….wait, is that BLUE MOON?!” Meg got a Corona and we scoured for a bottle opener. I found an 89-cent thingy somewhere; Meg found a six-dollar ice scooper one. We went for the 89-cents-er, but had to talk her down from buying the hilarious one.

We decided to stop and finish our beers at a “spot” near her house, but on the way a cop turned around and followed us, which was a little creepy. I began finagling beer stories. I covered my beer, put it in my door storage, and claimed the Corona in the console was mine. Meg wanted me to toss it out the window, but I thought that too risky with a cop so close behind us. He made the next left with us, and when we made the following right, he made a left and we sighed heavily with relief. The break at the little lake she calls her “spot” was the perfect thing we needed after that. As it turns out, there were about 90% more cops out tonight than every other night. Weird for a random Sunday evening.

When we got back to her house, I had been almost done with my beer, so Meg opened a Stella and chatted with me for another hour or so. We went outside so she could have another cigarette (by the way, her smoking is something I was completely unaware of until this trip) and then we parted ways for bed.

It was an exceptionally good night, and I’m so very happy to be here. I wish I wasn’t leaving tomorrow, but any longer would likely be overkill anyway. Tomorrow’s plan is sleep in, then go to the beach (if there’s time stop at the pool), clean up and head to the airport. I’m sad and happy at the same time, but it’s totally cool.

Megan said something tonight about being able to live with me. Joana has said the same thing. Thing is, I get along about the same with both of them, but with no one else. So I guess that makes Meg one of my bestest, even if we only talk every few months and see each other every other year. Even if that is the case, it’s pretty cool to be able to “pick up” where we left off with someone without a second thought.

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Florida Day 1 (in a nutshell)

got up ’round 10, had breakfast and watched the news with Meggie.

went to the pool at Blanton’s place sometime near 11:30 and alternated between laying out and “dipping” for about an hour or so, at which point some of the guys from the office and Blanton came home and the drinking began. Dipping and laying out continued another about another hour and a half. The places that I applied sunblock to (mind you, it’s SPF FIFTEEN), did not get any color. My back and upper thighs…did. I look unbalanced and silly.

We then headed to “the club” which is actually the Club at Hammock Beach, who Meg, Blanton, and basically everyone else I met works for. They are a very upscale resort, with a fire pit, golfing, adult and kiddie pools, hot tubs, a lazy river, a water slide, and condos. Awesome, gorgeous condos. It is an “oceanfront community.” In any event, I drank a pina colada in the pool, went down the water slide twice and took away the chill in the hot tub before the clouds threatened rain.

We had no sooner left the resort when the skies opened with big fat raindrops. The plan was to hit Matanzas Innlet Restaurant for dinner to enjoy the gorgeous view. I’d been told not to go there for the food. But the rain prohibited the scenic view and we ate there anyway, as a group with Meagan and Blanton, Todd and his guests Joe and Chelsea, Lance and Kim and eventually Chad, who didn’t come to eat, but hang out. I had some delicious blackened tilapia. Really, the food was awesome and I would easily go there again for both the food and the scenery, which we got to see some of. After we ate, the sky had cleared up so we went out back and took a few pictures. I will post them as well when I have the time to.
Addendum: pictures take forever to upload & move, so here’s one:

From Matanzas we went to Sunset Grill for birthday drinks for two of “everyone’s” friends, Cameron and … dammit I forgot who the other person was, but I’m certain I wished them both a happy birthday. I finally got my Blue Moons in, three of ’em, but I was too far removed from previous drinks for them to make any significant difference. We left around 11:30pm and I was asleep by 1. Odd for me; it must have been a long day. I don’t know how I’m going to break the nap habit!

I also managed to get my borrowed $20 back from Todd, which is an interesting story all on its own, but alas I cannot go into detail at this time. I am in dire need of a shower and will be heading to St. Augustine for a walk through downtown and dinner with Meagan in a mere hour.

Before I run off, though, I talked to Chris for a little while last night, and it was our last conversation for seven days. He said he got my “bookmark” and that he took a picture of it, which made me happy (it was a little piece of paper I wrote “I ❤ you! (and I miss you!) -Linda" on). He talked about interesting people he met on the train, how much less nervous he is now, how I should definitely hear from him Saturday night, but if not by Sunday night, to worry. That was not so reassuring, but I'm sure he'll be fine. As will I. (I have to keep reminding myself that.) No matter how many plans I've made and how many people I will see, there will still be a part of me that misses him, and is sad, and there just isn't a way to turn that off. But it's okay, because it's not abnormal. And I'm still glad we have this time apart.

I don’t miss home just yet (it’s only been a day and a half!), but I think I would if I moved down here, something I toss around in my head for prospective grad school locales. Two years is a long time though, so I imagine I needn’t think about this just yet.

Off to hit the shower (and it’s nice to have my own room and bathroom as well, by the way)!

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