I take the bike out, it rains: the story of my life.

No, really. I opted not to ride my bike from the south campus parking lot because the forecast predicted rain…and lots of it. ::shakes fist at Owen:: I got to school with enough time to study before my test, which as noted yesterday I was determined to do well on despite my odds (see that’s ironic because the test was on statistics. okay, so maybe it’s not the same as probability). Anyway, when I get there, the sun is out, so I figure I’ll drive halfway on campus and walk a bit. I toted the umbrella just in case.

So I take my test, which isn’t so bad. The breakfast burrito (read: mistake) I had for breakfast decided mid-test to fuck me up, though. So what if I got two of the three bonus questions wrong because I didn’t have time to read them? Heh. I dashed to a secret place that I’m not afraid of using the bathroom in an emergency and then, having still another 40 minutes worth of break, and with a sky of sunshine, I got out the bike. I rode for about 25 minutes before returning to class. And as I did so, the rain began.
And so did our extended break! Because Sue wanted to get our tests graded, we got an extra 30 minutes (my sympathies to Ryan who had to sit and grade with her). Despite the rain, I went back out. And lo and behold: the rain was gone. This time, though, I had a destination. I’m in love with the speed tracker sign, because it measures my speed on a bike. Problem is, it’s atop a slight incline, so my unskilled ass can’t usually get it to read anything over 8 or 9. (My first picture is clearer, but it’s of an 8. I went back, prepped and made 11.) It’s quite difficult when cars screw it all up.
Aaaand at that point guess what happened. Yep, rain. Again. But I was just happy to get my picture. Next time, I’ll get a 12. (I’m so laaaame!)

As you might be able to tell, my day wasn’t very interesting. I took that test and got the highest score in the class. I rode my bike back to my car (at which point it started raining, mind you). I went shopping (for my dad, brother, and I got me two items of clothing as well). Have I mentioned yet that I hate shopping? I came home and got McDonald’s for my mom who was having a craving (it cost her a McChicken sandwich, more commonly known as “a dollar”). I fucked around online for apparently a good hour (what the hell do I do on this thing?), napped for a whole hour (a habit I seriously need to reconsider), then fucked around online for a bunch more hours while pretending to write a paper. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I submitted one of my papers and started the next, so some progress was made.

This is the single most boring blog I’ve ever written. I made a new friend, but I’m too tired to even talk about him.

I do want to include this picture, though. I’ve been meaning to take it for a while now, and after I did, it was no longer fountainesque. They either ran out of water or figured out how to turn it off. I swear this thing had been going for weeks. SUNY Stony Brook ftw!


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  1. Sean

    I wish we still had the speed tracker in front of our place. I really have no clue how fast I bike, what with the stop lights/signs on all the routes I ride. I do the ride from home to Erin’s work in about 15 minutes, so that’s about 7 mph before you factor in the stopping/starting.

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