a picture a day…

(originally written 6/23/08)

…keeps the Alzheimer’s away? Chris mentioned something about taking a picture per day of, well, life, and I think it’s a great idea. So, hiding in this blog I imagine no one will find, I shall do just that. However, today I neglected to take a picture. So I’m going to start this picture-blog with me, now. I’m taking a picture of my typing these exact words. (Please note: I’m on the old Dell. Not the new one. It appears I missed it. Less two keys and all.)

Very little thoughts accompany me today. I have been fighting with myself over things like wanting Chris to want me to be around more (which is a little silly, really) and time management and wanting to be emo (which I don’t, but my natural emotions seem to keep edging toward). I’ve done an okay job thus far. I 86ed gchat for the time being and logged off of Facebook chat. I believe he loves me. I believe his past loves (and this dates back to high school, apparently) are not really threats. Still, I can’t help but think about them. Security, could you swing by and save me? Thanks.

Off to do some clean-up stuff for the eve and then head to bed.

But first…picture #1:


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